Valentines Day Handmade Card, Year 2013

Happy Valentines for all of you!
Here my new card in which I have used for the first time a transparency that gives the
card not only an expensive look, but also lets you create layers that are more fun and obvious to
the eyes! The white paper I have used has small hearts which I think the camera was not able to photograph. Anyways, I have glued on top of the transparency that reads "special you" a small tag saying of course "Happy valentines day". Then I have also added a brow ribbon which is attached to the transparency with a pin which head is a red heart. This is a card for my boyfriend that is why the colors of this Valentines Handmade Card are reds and browns. I was trying not to make it so girly! Shh! My boyfriend hasn't seen this card yet!!!

Hope you get an idea from this!
Wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day!


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