Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to you all! Today a little bit of a change, instead of giving a hanade card I decided to make book markers!. These are painted by hand and the ilustrations are from Sarah Kay.

Christmas cards 2013

Really quick, here some of my Christmas cards for year 2013. Have been super busy with work and other commitments! Happy holidays to all of you. Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah Kay Handmade cards for Birthday and for Travelling

Hello there! Three cards for you today! All of them with Sarah Kay images. How I love this artist! Love the fact that I can download an image turn it in black and white and then paint it with chalks! It is very easy to make a card look good when you paint with chalks. They are soft so all of the colours are even. The fist card and the third ones are pretty much the same the only difference are colours and the display of the flower.
The second Handmade Card I made for my parents for a trip that they are doing to Europe. I thought since they are going to Paris It would be a good idea to make some card with a vintage feeling. The characters in the drawings definitely look a little French and then all of the tags and stickers I have used are related to a trip planning. This one is one of my creations. Bon Voyage!


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