Hello everybody! Today I have decided to share with all of you some secret I have discovered. Its about how to paint drawings with aquarellable pencils and get a Copic Marker effect. These markers are very expensive and so I have tried to find a way to paint an image and get that smooth effect between colours. So, here we go:!
You will need acuarelable pencils, white card stock, printed image, a water pencil or marker and a translucent mate spray paint (I have used Cralyon Brand).
What you are going to do is print your image, wait till the ink is dry and then spray it with a thin layer of the mate spray. Once that the drawing is completely dry start painting with the acuarelable pencils as they were regular coloring pencils. Once that you have the image painted start softening the colours. You will see how easy it is to do the transition between colours!  Hope you enjoy this technique! xoxo maria



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