Christmas Handmade Cards, Collection 2011, 2nd Card

Christmas Handmade Card Collection 2011. 2nd Card.
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So for this Handmade Christmas Card I have decided to keep on using the papers. This website has amazing products! The paper I have chosen has a Christmas design. The most important image is the white christmas tree. I have decided to explote this image and therefore I have decided to just add some embellishments on the paper. The focus then turns into the brown ribbon with the sparkly snow flake and the "Joy to the World" chip on the right top side of the card.
To add some more dimension to the handmade card I have glued three white plastic snow flakes on the card. Also I have used a brown chalk to brown the edges of the card to give that feeling of vintage and old.... Dont forget to do some work also on the edges of the card with a pair of scissors.
If you want to see more click on my youtube channel on the right hand side of this page!
Hope you enjoy....there is more to come: Christmas Handmade Card N3


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