Project for babie's room - Butterfly chandelier made out of paper - Handmade baby chandelier

So here it is my Baby's room chandelier! Lets see how I made it!

You will need white card stock, fishing line, a big old lamp shade, a cuttlebug machine, a butterfly cutter die or punch, glue. Lets do it!
First remove the metal circle wire at the bottom of the shade. This will be pretty much the frame from where the butterflies are going to be hanging from! Make sure you hang this frame in a high spot somewhere in the house so you can work on it and see it pretty much from underneath.

Then cut about 60 butterflies! I know its a lot but it is a really cheap project and beautiful!. Once that you have all the butterflies just glue them on the fishing lines, which should be about 20 inches the longest (center one) and shorter for the other ones. Glue the butterflies, if possible big ones and small ones in different directions to imitate the fly of the butterflies and they don t look stiff!. Also make sure that the line hanging from the center of the metal circle is longer than the rest of the other lines, you are supposed to make an invert triangle with all the butterflies!

I dont think this project needs much explanation, it is pretty easy and it looks amazing!


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