Happy Mothers day handmade cards!

I hope you enjoy the following handmade cards for mothers day! HAPPY DAY TO ALL OF YOU!

This one reminds me of those patchwork quilts, so typically of my grandmothers home! I used white glitter on the letters and it has definitely that quilt feeling with the piece of string and the buttons that I used on the card.
I made this card based on another handmade card that i saw on a magazine. It has definitely similarities but also it has some differences with the original one. I think it turned beautiful, specially i found beautiful the verse i used on it from Abraham Lincoln.

This other one is purely my creation. It is very colourful which i like because mothers day is supposed to be a celebration of all mothers and their beauty, and that to me reminds me of happy colours! Also what i like about this card is the different dimensions that it has. First the clipboard, then the glitter flower and the string and the little flowers on the bottom that resembles a little garden! So cute!


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