How to make your own rubs-on transfer sheets

Start creating your own rubs-on transfers

If you are a designer or if you have a creative side, chances are you would love to be able to make and create your own rubs on for your handmade cards.This technique is very useful to make your own custom made souvenirs or when you hope you have a stamp with a particular name or word you couldn't find anywhere else.
Rub-on transfers are being used constantly for handmade cards, souvenirs, in scrap booking and craft projects. Rubs on are considered as one form of embellishment, and the following technique will allow you to create custom made designs! The good news is also that this is a very affordable and cheap way of creating your own embellishments.

What you are going to need?

The materials are very very cheap.You will need a transparency sheet, which usually costs not more than USD 1.00,Hair Gel in spray form or hairspray (USD 4.00)Hair dryer and an ink jet printer
1) Go ahead and design whatever you want for your project. Once you have your design complete make sure you mirror the image on the screen of the computer, this is important specially if you are printing only
text. Your final image will be in reverse of the original.

2)Spray a fine layer of the hair gel on the transparency, make sure its even.

3)Dry the gel to the transparency, make sure you don't come closer to the transparency too much with the hair dryer since it could ruin or bend the transparency.

4)Print your image like if you were printing on a regular piece of paper.
NOTE: This technique works with black ink.

5)Make sure the ink dries completely on the transfer sheet before using it.

6)Once the ink is dried, spray it with a coat of hairspray and dry it again.

7)Your rub-on is ready to be used on your project!

Remember also that once that you used your transparency you will be able to reuse it many other times!

Here a sample of my rub-on transfer on one of my handmade cards.


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