Handmade Cards tutorials - How to make a RIBBON ROSE

What you will need: just a piece of ribbon to make your rose! Make sure it is not very thin since you will need to fold it several times.Procedures: start in the middle section of the ribbon and fold it like in the video. Then keep on folding ,Hold the ribbon at a 90 degree angle so that it has a corner halfway through the ribbon (step one). Begin by folding one half over the other half of the ribbon, and pulling it down horizontally. Do the same thing for step 2, except this time you fold the "second" half over the first folded half. Repeat this process several times Hold the two ends of the ribbon, and use your other hand to pull the bottom-most end of the ribbon out from underneath your thumb and index finger. Pull straight down. The speed at which you pull does not matter, because either way the rose will begin to take shape and you will not be able to pull any further after a certain point.
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